Shaun Adams

Shaun Adams

Managing Director

I was born in Rustington and live in Worthing with my wife Nicola (who works with me at Cooper Adams) and my teenage son.

I’ve been an estate agent since 1991 having had various jobs including working at my dad’s restaurant in Worthing.

The unsociable hours didn’t appeal to me so I got a job as an office junior at an estate agency, I found that I really enjoyed it and the rest is history.

It’s ironic that now I run my own business I often work evenings and weekends anyway. Who said being an estate agent was easy?

25 years since entering the industry I still love it.

In 2004 I set up Cooper Adams with a partner and I’m immensely proud of the level of customer care we continually provide to our clients.

I’m a hard taskmaster but that’s because I’m genuinely passionate about ensuring each and every client we serve is 100 percent satisfied.

As estate agents we’re in a privileged position to help people make the right choices when they want to move.

As a smaller, independent estate agency I feel our team are more focussed and motivated to look after people’s property needs than some of our bigger rivals who have multiple offices and strict targets they have to hit.

We regularly get our clients a higher price than our local rivals and I put that down to our focus on delivering the best possible results for them and our non-stop desire to improve in all areas of our work.

At Cooper Adams we have a simple but successful ethos of treating everyone with honesty, respect and professionalism.

Shaun’s Top Tip: When preparing your property for sell aim for the look and feel of a quality hotel room. Neutral, minimal and somewhere people can imagine themselves living.

In my experience a well presented property up against a similar, but not so well presented one, can sell for between £5000-10,000 more.

Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams

Accounts and Administration

I handle the administration and accounts side of the business and it’s a very busy and varied role.

For the past 26 years I’ve lived locally and I’ve been married to Shaun for 21 years and we have a 15 year-old son.

For me working within a family business means everything matters that little bit more. We all go that extra yard to ensure people feel totally happy with our service.

My role requires me to be thorough and reliable and my biggest challenge is that there’s often not enough hours in the day.

But the variety and working with a closely knit team is really enjoyable and often a lot of fun.

I’m a real animal lover and one of my most memorable moments working here was when a chap ran into the office asking if anyone knew the owner of a car where a dog had been left inside.

It was a sweltering day and the man had quite rightly recognised the danger the dog was in.

I went outside and took the agitated dog out of the car (which thankfully was unlocked) and gave him a drink and reassurance until his owner turned up.

That incident sums up what we try to achieve at Cooper Adams by delivering calm, caring and results driven service.

Nicola’s Top Tip: Declutter, declutter, declutter. Your home will look more spacious, clean and attractive to viewers.

Pauline Jones

Pauline Jones

Lettings & Sales Valuation Specialist

I love being part of a team where we all chip in to make sure the clients are delighted with the way they are looked after.

I’ve lived in the area for 50 years and have raised my two children locally.

I’ve worked for Cooper Adams since 2010 but when I was a schoolgirl I harboured ambitions to be a Police woman but due to not having 100 percent perfect eyesight that goal couldn’t be achieved.

The most enjoyable part of my job, which involves a little bit of everything, is knowing you’ve helped people and made the property buying / selling process a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

No two days are the same but I always remember my first day in the job. I had gone to accompany a couple on a viewing for the very first time. On opening the door I was horrified as I saw an almighty mess and thought the place had been burgled.

An emergency call to the office soon revealed that there had been no break in simply that the homeowner never tidied up prior to viewings.

Meeting and helping people is what makes this job special and because we set such high standards we’re always striving to be better.

Pauline’s Top Tip: Choose an independent estate agent. Obviously I’m biased but I really believe that the service you get from a close knit team like ours is more caring, personal and ultimately better.

Debi Harrison

Debi Harrison

Valuation Specialist & Property Consultant

I joined the Cooper Adams family from a corporate agency in Autumn 2016.

I love the different, more bespoke and personal approach which Shaun and the rest of the team have to helping clients. It compares favourably to the fiercely driven target culture which I experienced before.

This approach makes it possible to look after clients properly and spend time on every aspect of their sale or let. And that’s something I love.

I’d like to think I’m approachable, very chatty, open and honest.

I’m naturally enthusiastic and that can sometimes get the better of me. Just like when I was a little girl and I watched a movie called The Mighty Ducks about ice hockey.

I was adamant I was going to play ice hockey. I even got my parents to stump up for ice skating lessons before realising (pretty quickly) that ice hockey was a VERY rough sport for a little girl (or boy) and perhaps not for me.

I’ve lived locally for more than 16 years and when I’m not working there’s nothing I enjoy more than walking my rapidly growing puppy Brooke with my partner.

I can often be found on Sundays volunteering at a dog's’ sanctuary walking rescue dogs that are waiting to be find a new, loving home.

Debi’s Top Tip: When your property is up for sale you have to keep on top of the little daily chores you might sometimes let slip. The property will benefit from being as presentable as possible. This includes those little jobs like making the beds, not leaving piles of washing up in the sink tidily putting away toys, the laundry and other daily items.

Chris Stephens

Chris Stephens

Angmering Office & Land and New Homes Manager

I joined the team in June 2017 and although relatively new to Cooper Adams, I’ve worked in estate agency for more than 22 years.

Even after all that time (please don’t remind me, it makes me feel old) I’m still very enthusiastic about being an agent and helping people with their property needs.

I’ve lived in the local area for 20 years and have a family of five and a wonderful wife, Claire.

Being based in the Angmering office is great as it’s always been one of my favourite villages in West Sussex.

Before joining the Cooper Adams’ team I was aware of their reputation as an excellent agency and I’m looking forward to doing my bit to maintain that.

My approach to my work is simple. I always work hard to make sure clients get a level of service above their expectations and that they feel valued, respected and kept informed.

An example of this was when I sold a large home which was offered with land for sale.

The property was marketed by other agents as a single unit but I saw the potential for its owner to market it two separate units.

Both sold immediately and for the asking price. I’m still in contact with one of the buyers as I don’t believe in the ‘flog it and leg it’ approach.

I also coach youth football and volunteer at Worthing Dynamos FC. I’ve recently been made chairman of the club and I’m looking forward to helping more young people enjoy playing sport and keeping active.

If I wasn’t an estate agent I’d probably have ended up as a graphic designer as I like everything looking neat, tidy and easy on the eyes.

Chris’s Property Tip: When presenting your property for sale remember the golden rule – declutter as much as possible. It’ll make your property look and feel more spacious and will make it easy for you to keep on top of tidying ahead of viewings.

Nina Fulcher

Nina Fulcher

Specialist Property Consultant

I joined Cooper Adams in June having previously worked in the estate agency industry in 1999.

During that period, I had twins and my work revolved around child care and looking after my two energetic bundles of joy.

I’ve always lived locally so know the area well which is an asset when sharing knowledge about the local neighbourhoods, schools and parks.
When the opportunity came up to work with the team at Cooper Adams I was excited about it.

I’d describe myself as honest, hardworking and reliable which is something all the team here have in common. Along with all being genuinely caring and attentive to the needs of clients.

I’m a big believer in having fun while you work and delivering excellent service.

But I’ll be looking to avoid an experience I had when I was on a valuation during my first stint in estate agency.

I was told by my colleagues at the time that the house was haunted so you imagine my alarm when all the lights went suddenly on with no else in the property.

I later found out they were on a timer.

Nina’s Property Tip: You’ve no doubt heard it before but it’s certainly worth repeating – declutter as much as possible as it makes your property look bigger and more appealing.

Peter Batts

Peter Batts

Rustington Office Manager

When estate agents talk about local knowledge I like to think mine is right up there with the best as I have lived in Rustington all my life.

It’s a wonderful village which is a great place to live, work and raise kids (I’m a father of two) and there’s a real sense of community and plenty to do.

I’ve been described by clients as ‘not a typical estate agent’ which I’m pleased with. My approach to helping people sell and buy property is simple.

I’m patient and hardworking and not at all pushy. Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions people can make. And the last thing they want is a pushy estate agent hassling them to make a decision.

One of the most memorable moments in my estate agency career to date was when a lady insisted I handle her sensitive property sale because two of her friends had highly recommended me.

Away from the office (although I never really switch off) I’m a keen golfer and love spending time with my family especially Friday Film Nights with my son.

I came across Cooper Adams during my time working locally and was always impressed by how they did things. When the opportunity came along to work for an agency that is a genuine trendsetter in how they do things I jumped at the chance.

It’s a great team across all three offices who all work together really well and the only thing I wouldn’t share with them is my secret (well now not so secret) love of Country and Western music.

Pete’s Property Tip: When you’re putting your home up for sale be available.

By that I mean always aim to accommodate a viewing wherever possible. At Cooper Adams, we accompany all viewings and it’s always good for a seller to be able to let viewings happen, sometimes at short notice.

We always give as much notice to vendors as possible but sometimes potential buyers are on tight schedules so a flexible, available approach pays dividends.

I’ve seen this on many occasions when a person walking into an agency office asking for an immediate viewing turns out to be a well-positioned and serious buyer.

Scarlett Shaw

Scarlett Shaw

Property Consultant

I’m a local girl having lived in this area all my life.

My mother was from Normandy in France and my father used to work in English vineyards as a qualified viticulturist.

From the ages of 10-17 years-old, my sister and I worked alongside him after school and at the weekends, so I can prune vines and even learned to drive a tractor before I ever had a car.

Before joining the team at Cooper Adams, I worked in customer service roles and I’d say that meeting, chatting and helping people comes naturally to me.

And it’s the fact that being an estate agent allows me to meet and help plenty of people which really fires me up about the job.

I like to think I always give 100 per cent in whatever I do and feel lucky to be able to help people find their dream home.

I’m driven, hard-working, honest and friendly and being employed by a company like Cooper Adams suits me perfectly.

It’s a family business which treats people the right way and Shaun leads from the front by always going the extra mile for clients. It’s very different from other companies I’ve worked for as it genuinely does feel like a family unit.

If I hadn’t ended up working in the estate agent industry I would have loved to work with animals.

Although I was once chased around by a territorial cat who didn’t like me going into a garden while on a viewing.

Scarlett’s Property Tip: Declutter. I know it’s a very common one tip but it’s so true. Space sells and having too much stuff on show makes your property look smaller and puts a lot of people off.

Tom Wareham-Grinstead

Tom Wareham-Grinstead

Trainee Property Consultant

I'm new to Cooper Adams and the estate agency industry and have lived in East Preston all my life so I know the area very well.

My previous jobs were as a landscape gardener and a chef but I have a long-held interest in property.

And of course, being an estate agent is about meeting, listening and helping people and that’s something I love about my role.

I also really enjoy being a part of the Cooper Adams team. The standards of service are very high here and everyone takes pride in how we treat our clients. I’m excited about the future as I feel this is a company that does things the right way.

It’s like when I was a chef, the best ingredients made the best dishes when a little creativity and expertise was added.

And it’s the same here. My colleagues all share a sense of doing our absolute best to keep clients happy.

Away from work I enjoy playing cricket for our local team which is only a good six away from our East Preston office (ok, it would need to be a very good strike as the pitch is a few hundred yards away).

Being a local lad I’m proud of the community we have in East Preston and feel privileged to a be a real part of it working at Cooper Adams.

Tom’s Property Tip: Prepare your paperwork in advance. Selling a property involves a lot of documents such as warranties and guarantees etc.

If you set aside a little time at the start of the process to ensure the right paperwork is available it’ll make your life easier and your sale smoother.

Liz Galloway

Liz Galloway

Architectural Design

Liz is the person to speak to for any architectural advice on properties. She and her team can advise for the smallest to the largest of projects, from adding an extra shower room to a total rebuild. Liz offers a free initial consultation to discuss the possibilities and always comes up with great ideas.

Liz brings extensive experience through her HND Construction Studies together with extensive experience in Design, Project Management and Health & Safety.

Liz has experience of the procedures and requirements of both Planning and Building Regulations processes as well as tendering and contractual processes.

Call our office for more details on a free architectural consultation.

Steve Newman

Steve Newman

Independent Mortgage Advisor

Do you need professional independent advice to help find the right mortgage?

With over 25 years experience and a friendly service, Steve will help you!

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving, looking to finance a buy to let or remortgaging, by combining sophisticated technology with human expertise, he can quickly identify and arrange a mortgage that best fits your requirements.

Steve lives & works locally running a professional, family Independent Mortgage Brokers who arrange mortgages from the ‘whole of market’ and he does not charge Cooper Adams’ clients a fee!

If you need to buy or sell in Angmering, East Preston, Rustington or surrounding areas make sure Cooper Adams Estate Agents are your first port of call.