Has my land got potential?

Whether you have a larger garden and no longer need all the space, own land that could form a part of a bigger piece with other neighbours, own commercial premises or strategic land on ‘edge of settlement’, or a site with planning history, there are many options open to you. We with our back-office team of national land experts can give advice on maximising the value of your asset.

“What’s my land worth?” There are many ways to obtain a land value and rather than investing heavily on planning permission there are other ways and means to find this out. ‘Planning granted’ can sometimes be difficult to achieve and it often requires experience and a lot of technical knowledge. This is just one of the areas where we can help.

If you’re selling land, and you are the decision maker, we give you as much advice as you require. You always choose the route that works the best for you; we will support you with advice to go through planning yourself, or we could guide you through the simpler process of selling to a developer or house builder. There are always other options and once we understand your priorities we offer guidance and suggestions to the best route for your needs.

Find out more about intricacies of selling land.

We work with house builders, planning consultants, architects and developers across the UK and can help you achieve the very best price within your timescales.

It all begins with a conversation. Planning refused? Planning submitted? Planning granted? Tell us where you are now and we’ll help you reap the rewards for the future.

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