Quite simply, the properties that look best get the most buyer-attention – which can mean a speedier sale and a better price.

This is why we don’t just send round a junior to take five snaps. Instead Shaun Adams has been professionally trained and has been making homes look their photogenic best for over 25 years. He will take time to carefully compose the image, trying different lighting, angles and even (with your permission) re-arrange furniture if needs be. Then he’ll take as many as 100 photos using a pro-grade SLR camera, tripod, separate flashes and a high-spec wide angle lens.

The selected ones he’ll then rigorously enhanced to improve lighting, contrast and sharpness, removing things like bins or toys and can even add in a blue sky if nature has let us down!

All this comes at no extra cost – and not many agents would do that!

Cooper Adams have taken all the property photos on this website.

Cooper Adams offer cgi for existing or brand new properties. Click here for more detail.

Taking a high view

An aerial picture shows your home in its surroundings – great for all properties and especially those that have a lovely garden or adjoin the coast or fields. We’ll do this for your property – something no other agent can guarantee.