Who will do the viewings on my home?

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Who should show buyers around your home?

Certain estate agents will advise you that it is best practice for you to be present at all viewings and even to conduct some of them yourself. In some situations it is very beneficial for you to be present - but always try to remember that we are there for a reason...

Cooper Adams do 100% of viewings - You are paying for an expert.

Initial viewings:

Your job is to prepare your home for the viewing. Make sure everything is neat, tidy and clean. It is especially important to be prepared as some viewers like to turn up early. Your agent is a trained expert and is there to help sell your home. That is why you are paying them a fee!

An agent is trained to spot signals from the buyer, and is also there to answer queries in a professional manner. At the end of the day if they ask us a question that we do not know, then it is our job to find out from you, and then go back to them. Your are the expert on your property of course - but remember in order for your home to sell someone needs to see it at it's best and feel free to comment without remorse. If you are at the viewings and following the prospective buyer around they may not feel at ease or even uncomfortable; and will end up focusing on this rather than on the property and whether they like it! If the buyers wants toi make changes they need to talk freely about this, without harming your feelings.

Once your home looks at it's best with the right lighting and the agent is there with the viewer/viewers that when it's time for you to make yourself scarce. Pop out with the dog, walk around the block, or if you really can't go out then stay in one room (it's usually best to stay in a reception room and read the paper). Any experienced agent will be able to call or advise you once the viewing is over so you can return straight home. Make sure you leave instructions about how to leave the home safe and secure; for example if there is an alarm make sure your agent has the code.

Follow-on viewings:

If you have a viewer who wants to return and see the property again then that's a good time for you to be on hand and answer any questions they may have. Again take your lead from the agent; let them take the viewer around and then meet you at the end so you can answer any relevant questions. They may want to know how things work, bill costs or what the neighbours are like.


Once you have an offer on the table it is very important that you allow this to be negotiated through your agent. You are paying your agent to verify the prospective buyer has the funds in place/mortgage approved so let them do this. If a buyer starts to discuss money and figures with you then just refer them back to your agent. Do not give the prospective buyer your contact details or liaise with them directly at any stage. You may be getting on well at the beginning, but once things progress there many be a problem with the chain or things that come up on the survey and the last thing you need is an angry phone call or email from someone at midnight! Always refer everything through your agent, that it their job after all...

Please feel free to chat to us about any questions you may have regarding the DO's and DON'T's surrounding viewings. We appreciate it is not always easy, but we are here to help and want the best for you and your property!

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