What do tenants expect from your rental property?

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When it comes to renting out a property and becoming a landlord, there is one thing that is always going to be a little on the confusing side. What do your tenants actually want from the property? It can be hard to know exactly what tenants want, particularly if you are new to renting. Not only this, but as rental properties are becoming more popular, the expectations of these properties can rise too.

Not sure what tenants are going to expect in your property? Here is our guide to help you to figure it out.

A property that is modern and well looked after

It is becoming more commonplace for tenants to expect properties to be modern and stylish. Of course, this isn’t always possible, and older style properties are just as popular. The trick is to make them feel newer then they might be. You could install a new kitchen or bathroom for instance, which might be an added cost, but can really bump up the appeal of the property. The trick is just to realise minimise any signs of wear and tear as this will help the tenant to feel that they are in the right property.

That any issues are quickly fixed

If you owned a property and a problem came up, then you would want to act on it straightaway. The same goes for those who rent a property. The only difference is that they need to contact their letting agent or their landlord instead. This means that any landlord needs to be aware of any problems and be able to fix them quickly. Else they could find themselves with tenants that are less than happy.

That the property is as economical as possible

We are all learning more about the great ways that we can try to reduce the energy bills that we pay out, as well as help the environment. One of the biggest parts of our lives that we can do this in is our homes. So, it makes sense that a great way to appeal to tenants is to make sure that your property is as economical as possible, researching into different ways to save them money and help to protect the environment too.

A high level of security in the property

When we finally get to relax at home, we all want to feel safe and secure. This means that any landlord needs to make sure that their property is as secure as it can be, particularly by installing locks on doors and windows, security lighting and burglar alarms too. You also need to make sure that the property is safe to live in too, which means that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are a must.

Now you know more about rental properties and how to ensure that they meet tenants’ expectations, the time has come for you to put them in place. Who knows, in no time at all, you may even find yourself securing your ideal tenants and having a happy and long term tenancy with them.

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