Want to move but not yet found?

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Wanting to move but don't want the pressure?

Thinking of moving but not seen anything you like?

At Cooper Adams we want our clients to feel relaxed and stress-free.

If you are thinking of moving but worried you won't find the right property, or you see the right ones but they are always sold. We have the answer!

1. On hold... We can get you all ready to market but put it on hold. This means getting all the photos, plans and brochure ready but keeping it on hold. If you see one you like we can spring into action and launch to market that day. So you can then sell and snap up the home of your dreams.

2. Discreet marketing... We start marketing but discreetly, with no board, no adverts, nothing. If the right buyer comes along, we tell them straightaway that you haven't started looking yet. They will have to wait for you to find. There are no costs involved unless you move. If you need to stay put, that's fine. If you see the ideal home but no buyer yet, we can open the flood gates and switch to full fat marketing.

3. An even better way is this... We start marketing your home and get you an amazing price. We tell your buyer from the start that you can't move until you find the right new home. Your transaction will be placed on hold until you find. With this in mind you start looking around. You will have more offered to you as you are in a brilliant position with a buyer in place. If you see the right one, you can offer straight away. In the meantime we keep your buyer advised of any news. Your buyer will wait for you to find. If things don't work out and you or your buyer give up waiting, you incur ZERO fees. You can take a break and stay put. As long as we are transparent with your buyer they cannot pressurise you.

Now any of these ways, or a mixture of them, if it works out - everyone is happy, but if it doesn't - it's not the end of the world. You won't be out of pocket and if you are ready to try again in the future, we will be ready to update things and try again.

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