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There's nothing quite like arriving at your new property with a spring in your step only to open up the door and find a real mess before you. Fortunately most home sellers (such as yourself, given that you're reading this) tackle the cleaning for their buyers to arrive to a home ready to move straight into. That said, this task is far from an enjoyable one, so make your life that little bit easier by following these tips.

  1. Don't (however tempting) leave cleaning until the last minute.
  2. Have a clear out and make the cleaning easier.
  3. Put together a cleaning kit (including dusters, wipes, a mop, bin bags, polish, air freshener, anti-bacterial spray and stain remover) and pop them all in a cleaning caddy for moving your (many) cleaning products from room to room.
  4. Rope in your family and friends and tackle a room each.
  5. Limit the use of rooms where you can so that you can clean rooms one-by-one.
  6. Once you're all done ventilate your home by opening all of the windows, being sure to also have adequate air flow when using all of those cleaning products and their many chemicals.
  7. Consider hiring a professional – end of tenancy cleans and home move services can be worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately deep cleans do come at quite the cost. Nevertheless they may well be worth considering if the big clean is a task that you're truly dreading.

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