>Moving Checklist

Here is a list of things that you may need to do before moving day:


  • ask at least three removal companies for a quote – we can recommend some if you like
  • arrange mail-forwarding with Royal Mail
  • if you need hotel accommodation during your move, book it well in advance

THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS – change of address

Here are some of the organisations you may need to think about:

●      utilities – take meter readings on the last day

○             gas

○             electricity

○             telephone

○             water

●      mobile phone company

●             council tax office

●             TV licensing (www.tvlicensing.co.uk)

●             driving licence – complete the form on the back of your paper part of your licence

●             vehicle keeper details – complete the relevant section on your V5 document

●             insurance companies

○             motor

○             life, critical illness, health

○             house & contents

○             pet

●             medical

○             dentist

○             doctor

○             optician

○             vet

○             other_____________

○             Other_____________

●             employer

●             bank/s or building societies and credit card companies

●             Inland Revenue (www.hmrc.gov)

●             any schools

●             charity subscriptions

●             cancel any newsagent or milk deliveries

●             your friends and family

●             other _____________

●             other _____________

●             other _____________


  • to pack separately anything you’ll need quick access to – clothing, medicines, toiletries, paperwork, mobile phone charger

  • to pack a snack box of food, milk, tea bags and drinks for moving day – very important!

  • and finally, if you didn’t like our service, tell us; if you did, tell your friends!

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