Launching a property to market to maximise interest

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How do Cooper Adams get more interest and higher selling prices?

Another tool we use is how we launch properties to market.

We have taken a leaf out of Apple's book. Apple are one of the richest companies in the world - this is down to their products and their marketing - we can learn from this. Apple create secrecy around a new product which fuels hype and buzz. They announce something is coming but say no more. Apple also use scarcity - they could make 100 million iPhones and sell them all, but releasing a smaller number makes demand higher, if people feel they may miss out of the first batch they will queue outside the store; cleverly this also gets this story on the BBC news.

We also adopt some of these ideas- A sneaky peek video Facebook coming soon; an exclusive pre-launch to our mailing list speaking to them and emailing them, then soft launching to the growing portals like OnTheMarket and OneDome creating demand before launching on Rightmove. Agents who slap it on Rightmove on day one and sit back waiting for the phone to ring are lazy. We want to find the emotional buyer who will pay more than the Rightmove nerds who monitor every single price and will always pay less.

FOMO - The Fear Of Missing Out - another way to drive demand "view this quickly before we hit the masses. The clock is ticking."

These and other ideas are only engineered to reach the best price for our sellers and landlords.

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