How do we achieve higher selling prices?

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Anyone can sell a house... Just take standard basic photos, ordinary run of the mill details then upload it online. Hopefully the phone will ring, they may view, then hopefully one day a low offer may be accepted. You get the idea. This way will not get the best results and as well as poor service will end up with a slow process and less money in your pocket.

At Cooper Adams it's a whole different ball game from the norm... Our job is not to just sell property but maximise the selling price for the owner. Our whole process and business model is geared to do just that, leaving more money in the owner's pocket at the end of the day than any other agent. Coupled with this is our fantastic service levels.

At Cooper Adams we pride ourselves on delivering a remarkable level of service, we look at every single stage of the process from our initial meeting to well after the moving date each stage has to be continually improved on.

There are four main things (Best Price, Shortest Time, Minimum Hassle, Great buyer or tenant) central to our mission in our work and to achieve these we are the only agent who offers the following...

1. At your pace

We don’t rush our valuation meetings, if you need to go through the whole process step by step we will take as long as you need, explaining each part to you.

2. Advising on a price to attract the best selling price

Arriving at a marketing figure we discuss with you exactly where your property sits. We also closely look at portal pricing to again achieve the highest levels of interest. Pricing too high can put people off and you can end up with a lower selling price compared to if the price was correct at the start. The highest prices are always achieved in the first 30 days of marketing.

3. Free professional photography

Trained professionals taking a long time getting every photo just right. Magazine style photography that pops out, elevated shots and dusk shots when we can, making sure we keep them fresh, crisp and interesting.

4. Complimentary magazine style brochures

Bursting with exciting text to lure buyers in with floorplans and maps on all. We take hours getting this right. Whether it's a small terraced house or a large seafront residence the quality of our presentation is key to attract more buyers.

5. Marketing your property on top websites

Rightmove as well as who aim more at London buyers. We craft our adverts to make more people click on it which results in more viewings and offers. We are consistently number one for agents who receive the most buyers clicking our online adverts.

6. The best windows in your 'high street'.

Your property will be displayed in our office window as well as available through all of our locations.

7. Paid for Facebook & Google advertising

We pay for Facebook advertising to push your property in front of locals or targeting people looking to buy in this area so your ad shows up on their Facebook page. We run around 10,000 facebook ads per month, these appear on targeted buyers facebook pages, on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. We also use Google ads to drive home buyers and tenants to us - every month our Google banner ads feature on some of the UKs most popular websites around 20,000 times.

8. 140,000 monthly printed advertising of your property

We still advertise in local print, newspapers 26,000 printed every week, ETC magazine 18,000 printed monthly and 11,000 local 'All about' booklets that are delivered to our area. So every month just in print ads we have over 140,000 printed! These attract the buyers who aren’t actively looking, they flick through and may fall in love, these are the emotional buyers who pay more. We also secure large format editorials in the local newspapers.

9. Direct adverting to local residents

With your permission we let locals (to your home) know you’re selling, it’s surprising the amount of people who know someone wanting to live in their own neighbourhood.

10. Our large buyers and tenant's database

We have a very large database of buyers local and national ready and waiting to buy in this area. We actively build this on a daily basis incentivising more registrations mean we can engage more and get more viewings than portal browsers.

11. Passion and knowledge from our team

All the team from your local branch visit before marketing commences, we need to be ready to turn those enquiries into viewings and offers.

12. We accompany 100% of viewers and guarantee next day feedback.

We are trained in dealing with offers that come in and negotiate very hard for our sellers.

13. Helping you find and buy your next home

We are more than happy to help with your onward purchase if necessary making offers on your behalf, again this could save you many thousands of pounds. Whether local, national or international we will assist you as much as you need.

14. More time to help you

We do not set unrealistically high sales targets for our staff to achieve, which allows them to spend more time with you and buyers for your home.

15. Reinvestment

New ideas on property presentation, always ahead of our competitors, which will always benefits our sellers.

16. Never missing an enquiry

As well as online popup chats for buyers at work that need to arrange a viewing and can't use the phone, our telephones are answered 24 hours a day 365 days a year. That person calling to view at 10pm on a Sunday night will not slip through our net!

This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of how we achieve more interest more viewers, more offers, higher offers and faster sales.

If you want the best, we are here to serve you. Call us today for expert property advice.

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