Being cheap could cost more

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In life sometimes buying cheap could cost more. You pay for a product it doesn’t last, so you throw it away and buy one that will last. Cheap shoes that are uncomfortable so you throw them away, cheap paint that needs four coats, a cheap toy that breaks the same day, a cheap meal and you’ve eaten better at home. We all do it.

Selling or letting your most valued tax-free asset you need to get the most from it...

Why are Cooper Adams not as cheap as some agents?

  1. Sometimes the cheapest agent can end up being the most expensive agent, it’s all about how much money is left in your pocket at the end of the day.

  2. We pride ourselves knowing that we beat our largest competitor by over 3% in price achieved, on an average property round here that equates to over £12,000 more.

  3. We only get paid if we sell. So if we don’t get our sellers an amazing offer, we don’t charge you one single penny.

  4. You have a higher chance of selling with us, at a higher price, and in a much faster time with less stress (by the way we do have all the stats to back this up).

  5. If we matched the cheaper fees being offered, we'd have to lower our amazing service standards - and we're simply not prepared to compromise on this. Our clients deserve the best and get the best!.

  6. The reason we get higher selling prices is not rocket science, it’s about the way we market our properties. Selling anything is about making what you sell look as good as possible and promoting it to the widest audience. This will ensure more interest, more enquiries, more viewings, and therefore more offers, meaning you the homeowner can then choose the best offer.

Looking at the extremes…

Any property can be listed on Rightmove. Let's face it, you've all seen those poorly advertised properties with second-rate photographs and weak descriptions. There's clearly no attention to detail. In fact here at Cooper Adams, we find this kind of marketing offends us. Of course, the property may sell, but do you genuinely feel this will achieve its best price backed up with service to match? We think not...

For us to achieve the highest price in a reasonable time and always stay well ahead of our competitors, we need to make sure every aspect of what we do is the best we can do, and we love doing it.

  1. Our clients always come first.

  2. Be the agent we would choose ourselves.

  3. No extra charge for our professional photography and truly engaging property descriptions.

  4. Having the best people working for us with the best training on our systems and procedures designed to achieve best prices.

  5. Marketing our properties in more places than anyone else.

We monitor every local property coming to market, the price it starts at, how many times it’s reduced and how long it takes to sell (if it sells). We're not content with simply being number one on all this, every day we keep improving.

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