Why do you email me properties unsuitable for my needs?

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Matching people to property on a mailing is an art that can go wrong. When I bought my first flat my soon to be wife was adamant on ground floor only. My boss at that time told me of a second floor flat and I said it was no good. He persuaded us to view as it was so great in other ways, we bought it.

It's for this reason matching is done quite loosley on price bands. The amount of times people buy something that maybe ticks six out of ten boxes is unbelievable.

After nearly 30 years in this job I have seen people who only want a garage buy one without, people that only want old, buy new. You get the idea.

Nowadays with email matching if it's not right simply delete the email. Quick painless and easy.

If something ticks some boxes still go and look at it, you never know you may be like me... you buy it.

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