What type of seller are you?

Everyone sells for different reasons, at Cooper Adams we specialise our service according to your exact needs. Our service is taylor made to you and each of these nine reasons you are selling needs a bespoke plan put in place. This can take different ways of communicating with you, your family or business relationships. We are there for you to hold your hand and do the right thing for your circumstances. We don't have a one size fits all. Your concerns and worries become ours and we want to make sure these are at the forefront of the way we work with you.

Different sellers

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  1. Selling as an aspirational purchaser upsizing 

  1. Selling due to a deceased estate / probate

  1. Selling due to divorce or separation

  1. Selling due to downsizing/retiring

  1. Selling due to financial challenges 

  1. Selling due to a growing family

  1. Selling as investor or developer

  1. Selling due to job relocation

  1. Selling as moving to a nursing / care home

1. Selling as an aspirational seller/purchaser moving up 

This on the outside may seem simpler but you may have really busy lives. The move has to fit in with your family and work patterns. Once you instruct us our job is to make it as stress free as possible. Need some works done to make it market ready? We have people who can do this for you, we can oversee it. We will handle the whole operation seamlessly keeping you always in the loop. We will also advise on your choice of purchase if you want us to.

2. Selling due to a deceased estate / probate

Have you been an executor before? Either way our job is to help. Whether it’s for the family or solicitors we can, if need be discuss matters with all beneficiaries. We are used to dealing with the probate process. We are happy to help with clearance. Sometimes families are local and easier for them but when they live further afield or overseas our regular communication is so important. We can help getting the property ready for sale and advise if small improvements will add value. We deal with probate sales on a weekly basis, we know the problems that can arise. Sometimes family members or beneficiaries can fall out, we communicate with each member separately on every part of the transaction. All communications are in confidence.

3. Selling due to divorce

We work for all owners, discretion is key we will replicate all correspondence separately to all parties. We never divulge any information about the other party, their whereabouts their contact details or anything. From our valuation to offers, each party is consulted and all parties need to give consent before we proceed. We cannot become biased in any way. Each party has complete rights to their own confidentiality. Does one party want to buy the other party out and need a completely unbiased valuation - that’s fine it’s all free with us. If both parties want to sell again we can help. We can meet either party at the property or at another location.

4. Selling due to downsizing/retiring

Many people in life need to downsize of their own choice, this can be because of children leaving the nest,  a large garden getting to much to do or just simply needing less rooms. You may be wishing to realise some money from the move to spend on travelling or help out family members? We will help with excess furniture in the move giving best advice all the time.

5. Selling due to financial challenges 

This can be very hard if you are being forced to sell. Obviously, your personal matters are highly confidential, discreetness is so important to us. No one is to know your reason for selling and we will do as you instruct us. Everyone in life has ups and downs in life with money and business. Always remember your current situation is not your final destination. We will not discuss your matters with anyone. We look at your timeline and give you best advice as far as accurate pricing, not delusional pricing.

6. Selling due to a growing family

Whatever your budget to buy a larger property we will maximise the value of your current home to give you more choice in you next larger home. Naturally if you have outgrown your current home it may seem cramped, we will give our best advice on how to present your home to its best. You may have too much ‘stuff’ in your home, we can help and advise on presenting it in the best way for selling. It may not be a show home but together we can boost the value.

7. Selling as investor or developer

Just refurbished one house or built 50? The important thing to you is maximum returns on your investment in a reasonable time. Profit is king. You may need to meet banking requirements and need some projections, you may need hard advice on the timing of sales versus current market values or cash flow. As with any sale our job is to increase value for you, we know exactly what buyers want and will provide you this valuable info, we don't want to tell you what you want to hear we tell you what you need to hear.

8. Selling as job relocation

Timing is critical on this and if your job is moving 50 miles away 10,000 miles away round the globe you will have a list as long as your arm to deal with. You don't want any added stress. Your company may be assisting you with the move and we are more than happy to keep all parties in the loop. You may be moving to a more expensive location and you may be renting when you arrive? You don't want to be worrying about your home to be empty for a long period, we do check-ups for all our empty properties.

9. Selling as moving to a nursing / care home

We deal with this a lot in our retirement area. More often than not the family do get involved. We talk to all parties involved and this can be all with the owner or all with the family and everything in between. We can handhold as much as you want, at this delicate time a stress free move is paramount. Sometimes people may have a taster week at the home to see if they will be happy there. Obviously, possessions have to be sorted out and we use Auction companies to help with this. We have dealt with many people with delicate illnesses and the family prefer us to only attend the property when the owner is away to cut down on stress, we tailor-make our service to make it as easy as possible.

As you can see no one move is the same as another. We deal with people first, property second. Moving from one chapter of your life to another needs a bespoke package just made for you.