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Are you shopping around for the best mortgage deal?

How can we save you time and money?

There are two ways to do this:

1. The hard way: Go to each lender (banks and building society when they are open) fill out their forms and be interviewed by their advisor who will recommend just their own mortgage. This may take some time as there are currently over 200 significant separate financial organizations supplying mortgage loans to house buyers in Britain.

2. The easy way. Speak to our independent advisor, Ryan. He will meet with you at our office, your home, a telephone call or email at a time to suit you. He will look at your financial situation whether you are well off, struggling or in between and look at what types of mortgage are available to you. (This is all 100% confidential) He will search for the best value lender for you. He may be able to get better deals as he puts a lot more business their way, meaning he can get discounts for you. If it all checks out, he will do the paperwork with you. All brokers earn a commission from the lender and most charge admin fees. Ryan does not charge any admin fees at all. If things don't work out, you don't pay a penny. There is nothing to lose. There is no pressure at all, just straight forward honest advice.

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