>VIP service

Our VIP service is standard – Every single one of Cooper Adams' clients receive a VIP service including:

  • Removing as much worry as possible throughout the move – giving peace of mind
  • If a client needs picking up to take to a property or their solicitor's – that's fine by us
  • We set the pace according to our client's preference – some like speedy, others do not want to be rushed – We work at the speed they want
  • Communication and feedback is paramount throughout the whole move
  • Buyers are stopped from pressurising our sellers
  • Any repairs needed to existing or a new property we can get quotes and recommend and organise great local tradespeople
  • Clients need to be 100% satisfied with our service throughout – if not we want to know why and correct it
  • We accompany every single viewing – always with next day feedback
  • Our feedback is always constructive – we look at ways around negatives – we want to know why a viewer didn't like it (there is always a reason for a property 'not feeling right' is not the real reason)
  • We will be your trusted advisor sometimes that means advising you what you need to hear not want to hear
  • We prefer to meet up with many clients to discuss offers, concerns and to help guide through any legal paperwork
  • Our clients are like family members and how we would help them move

All of these points are completely normal to us, (we can't understand agents that don't bend over backwards to help people) if you need a selling or letting agent who really cares about client's total happiness we would love to help you.