All estate agents are not the same.

Cheap fee agents have to cut costs. Cheap fee agents can cost you more by selling your home for considerably less.

The better a property is marketed with the best firm you will get a higher selling price and less stress.

The cheapest agent will be the most expensive agent, when it comes to what's left in your pocket after the sale completes.

At Cooper Adams at our last audit we achieved on average over 3% more than our largest competitor - Want us to work out the figures on your property? We would love to show you how.

How do we achieve such great figures? It's not rocket science. If we bring a property to market with the best presentation, the best marketing and the most proactive policies. We then get more interest. More interest = more viewings. More viewings = more offers. More offers means the owner can pick and choose the best offer.

A cheap agent will upload poor photos to the web and then sit back. We have a 30 point plan on how we achieve the best.

Put us to the test... you won't regret it.