Sea Estate Rustington


In the late nineteenth century, Rustington was an idyllic English village. Where the Sea Estate is, was meadows and cornfields in between the downs and the sea. In the First World War the Americans and Canadians constructed an airfield on this land. During the 1920's and 1930's the development of the estate took place. Plots were made to pay one shilling per foot of frontage to the Estate owner for the upkeep of the roads and man the gates.

In the 1960's the roads were in a poor state, so in 1972 the Sea Estate Residents' Association was formed. Where it was agreed each owner would make annual payments based upon their rateable value. In 1986 the estate owner went into liquidation and SERA took over. They became a non profit limited company. There are directors and a committee who look after the estate.

Some of the rules

  • 20mph maximum
  • Street parking kept to a minimum during the day and avoided at night
  • Residents care for their own verges
  • Skips have to be kept within your own boundary
  • Building work only 8am - 6pm weekdays
  • Major works need to be checked with SERA

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