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Property Market Advice for 2012

Predicting the UK market place for 2012 varies from which analyst's views you read, some of the 'so called' experts expect a 5% reduction in prices others predict a 15 to 20% increase! As a South Coast estate agency we always get strong demand – being between the sea and south downs living in our area you have the best of both worlds. We are lucky – many of our property values have remained buoyant due to a lower supply keeping prices healthy.

The volume of sales in the last six months has significantly improved with adjustment to optimistic asking prices and a shortage of fresh properties creating continued good demand from buyers.

I would anticipate for 2012 – local house prices to remain fairly static with possibly a slight increase if the same levels of stock come to the market coupled with low interest rates and mortgage availability easing.

Finally some 25 odd years ago I remember advice I received from starting as a junior negotiator was that in any market condition people still always have to move for differing reasons and if you follow the 3 Ps of price, presentation and promotion you will be on the right tracks to achieving a sale.

Richard Cooper

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