November Gardening Tips

November Gardening Tips

1. Money saving tip: Container grown spring bulbs are better off without too much fertilizer so use a cheap compost and then feed after flowering.

2. Time saving tip: This is the time to dig over the vegetable plot. Instead of clearing the old leaves to the compost heap, dig a trench and bury them. They will soon rot down and you have done the digging as well.

3. Don't walk over the lawn after a heavy frost.The crunching sound you hear is the blades of grass snapping.After the frost goes you will be left with yellow patches where you stepped.

4. When planting trees and shrubs add some slow acting fertilizer to the planting hole. Bone meal or fish meal is available over a long period and will get the plants off to a good start.

5. Lift some roots of parsley and trim off the leaves. Pot them up in a soil based compost and place on the kitchen window.It will regrow with foliage to last all winter.

6. If your garden suffers from hard frosts cover tender perennials such as kniphofia (red hot poker) with bark mulch to protect the plant.

7. Cut the tops off the Jerusalem artichokes. Dig up the roots and store them along with the potatoes in a frost proof shed.

8. There is nothing to beat early, young, tender stalks of rhubarb dipped in sugar and eaten raw or as a rhubarb tart.

9. Lift a few 2 year old roots and allow them to be frosted. Pot them in a soil based compost, water them and cover with a bucket or black plastic bin liner. Keep in the greenhouse or garage. Early in the new year you can pick your own stalks.

10. Japanese acers in containers should be moved to a sheltered side of the house away from biting, cold winds which cause dieback of the branches.

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