How to present your garden...

How to present your garden when selling your home

Selling your house is about first impressions. If the first impression isn't good, you rarely get to make a second. When people look around a house they are looking at the potential of the property – the rooms, the space, the garden. But not every house hunter is an expert in 'what could be'. It's important to help their imagination along by presenting your property in the right way. One sometimes overlooked aspect of preparing houses for sale is the garden.

Yes, most people look for space in a garden, although more is not always 'more' for everybody. It's vital to present what you do have in the right way, however. A lot of house buying goes on in the warmer months, a time when lawns and vegetation grow quickly, so it's good to keep on top of these things.

The key is to look smart and colourful without looking too high maintenance. It wants to be inviting, but maybe not too impressive, as not everyone is a keen gardener, and an impressive garden can look like a lot to take on. Containers are good, they tend to say 'low maintenance.'

The front of the property is the most important to keep clean and tidy and simple, as this really is where the first impression happens. Hanging baskets are an inexpensive way to make a good impression. If you have a lawn, do your best to keep it healthy and well-mown while selling your home.

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