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The entrance hall gives the first impression of the inside of your house. As important as the front garden is, one could say that the entrance hall is where we start the serious stuff. Yes, the people viewing your home are probably dying to get on to lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and so on, but the first impression is, nonetheless, important. It sets the tone.

The hall is a busy area, fulfilling more functions than you might at first think. Shoes and coats might be stored there, so let's not present them with a scene of chaos straight away. Keep things simple and uncluttered. It's fine to have coats hooks and shoe stands, but don't have them too full. Similarly, as small table for keys and a little mail is okay.

Decoration is important here, but mostly in the way that it should be clean and fresh and not tired. If other areas are visible from the hallway – particularly any lounge area, think about consistency throughout.

If a hall can 'wow', that can be good thing. Floors often 'wow'. If you have a wooden floor, then it might be worth considering whether it needs any restoration before sale, maybe waxing and polishing to really bring it up. A new runner might bring it all together.

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