>How to create a showhouse...

New build housing projects almost always have show homes. There's got to be a reason for that, for them to spend what must amount to many thousands of pounds to create… well, what are they creating? A dream? An ideal? A snapshot of what could be yours if you make the purchase?

When a prospective buyer comes to your home, it would great if you could get the same effect – to sell them on the 'idea' of your home. You may not have thousands of pounds to suddenly splash out on show home décor, but there are things you can do fairly inexpensively to create the right impression.

We're passionate about homes and about doing everything we can to maximise the opportunities to sell your home and to get the best price we can, so with that in mind, here are a few things we could suggest to help you easily get that show home look:

  • Space and simplicity. It can be beneficial to remove everything except (the most critical) furniture from a room, then see what else you really need to put back.
  • Neutral colours. White, cream, magnolia.
  • Mirrors and lamps. Light, light and more light. Don't go blinding anyone, but well-lit rooms look attractive. This can be achieved by clever placement of mirrors and additional lighting, such as lamps. But make the lamp more than just a light, make it a feature.
  • Clean and fresh. Cleaning goes without saying, but look at your bedding and any soft furnishings. If they are a bit tired, even a relatively cheap new one is likely to look better. Yes, the reality is that you live in your home, but show homes never really look all that lived in, but rather that they are about to be lived in, so do what you can.
  • Finishing touches. It's the little things. Candles, flowers, fruit bowls… you get the idea. Just not too many of them.

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