First Impressions for Buye...

First Impressions for Buyers Make a Huge Impact

Selling Your Home Tips:

First Impressions for Buyers Make a Huge Impact 

First impressions count. When it comes to selling or letting a home, this process begins from the moment a potential buyer or renter first drives up to, or past, your home. The art of creating that memorable first impression is called staging, and with it you can make a stellar first impression. How? Let's talk curb appeal.


Tips for enhancing curb appeal

The most important first impression you can make for any potential homebuyer is to generate interest from the get-go, and that means before potential buyers even set foot outside of their car.


The complete package of curb appeal

Enhancing curb appeal means utilising your home decorating ideas not only inside, but outside, ensuring that your home strikes a balance between simplicity and colour, to create interest. And it's not just about your lawn, drive way or front door, it's about crafting the complete package.


Getting the entrance right

Your front door and entryway is an all-important aspect of curb appeal. Adding a bit of decor to your front door such as a seasonal wreath or overhead lighting are easy and inexpensive ways to generate that character and illuminate your property for night time viewings. A fresh coat of contrasting paint can also make your front door “pop”.


Compliment your home with a touch of nature

Wall decor such as hanging baskets of flowers, climbing plants (although not ivy, which is known to damage buildings), and symmetrically placed potted trees can brighten up even the most featureless of fronts.


For more ideas on how you can enhance your property's curb appeal and encourage lookie-loos to call us to view, give us a call. At Cooper Adams Estate Agents, you can count on our experience to offer you the best advice so that you can secure your asking price. We're here to help, so get in touch.

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