Fantastic photography

Fantastic photography

Why beautiful photos are important

Great photos attract viewings, whatever your size or style of property, which can mean a speedier sale and achieving a better price for your property.

We establish a property's full potential by using professional media techniques to drive interest and maximise potential viewings. Your home is on the market in competition not in isolation. Our professional high quality imagery will allow your company to stand out from the competition.

Most potential buyers looking online are scanning down pages of boring property photos, we make ours POP OUT of the page and grab a buyer's attention! We carefully blend photographs correctly exposing the inside of a room and also the view out of the window. A little room staging and careful composition reaps rewards – the best photography will always attract more enquiries which will lead to more viewings and more offers.

Look at the property photos on this website, every single one we have taken (we don't charge any extra for this); wouldn't YOU be more attracted to view the properties when photographed by us?

Contact us today to arrange a free no obligation photography session to see the difference we can make.

Amazing aerials

We are the only estate agent who include elevated aerial photography as standard on all our properties not just the ones with fields, a garden or the sea in the background.What's our secret to great photography?

At Cooper Adams estate agents we don't want just to show your property – we want to show it off! So instead of sending a junior round to take five photos with a cheap digi camera, Shaun has been professionally trained, and has over 25 years' experience in making a property looks its photogenic best. He uses a professional quality SLR camera with tripod, separate flashes and a high spec wide angle lens, and takes the time to carefully compose the image, trying different lighting, angles and even (with your permission) re-arranging furniture if need be.

Not many agents go to these lengths to make your property look this good. And if they do, they're likely to charge extra for it.

After taking as many as 100 photos of your property, the selected ones then go through a rigorous enhancement process including improving lighting, contrast, sharpening, blue skies, cropping, removing high value items (as well as bins, toys, washing!) before using them in our brilliant magazine-style property brochures, complete with a floorplan to help people understand your property's full layout, size and flow.

This meticulous eye for detail carries through to every part of our business, with continuous scrutiny and improvement in all that we do.

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