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Boards – it's the owners choice whether to have more enquiries…

Why we recommend to have a board:

1. Advertising your home “For Sale” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the estate agent is closed. Some reports indicate you get 50% more enquiries when you have a board, that will lead to more viewings and offers.

2. Buyers do tour a broad area, often just cruising around looking for boards, even at the end of cul-de-sacs! People drive round the areas they like, then ring the agents about the boards they see, the ones without boards are presumed not on the market. Even down the end of a track, people will still see your board and tell their friends.

3. Some people say “I always liked that property but had no inclination in moving until I saw the board, I never look in the papers or internet because I am not actively looking. If I didn't see the board I wouldn't have bought it.”

4. Neighbours, tradesman and others have a habit of telling others that might be interested. Many of your neighbours know friends or relatives that may want to move to the area, the board will alert them and they will tell the person looking.

5. Someone may view another property around the corner from you, see your board then view and offer on yours.

6. The more people who know your property is on the market the more viewings you will have, more viewings equals more offers, more offers equals a better chance of a higher offer.

7. When a sale is agreed, we often get other enquiries from the board asking to be notified if there is a hitch with the current sale, we keep a list of people on file to call if this happens.

8. If someone wants to look at the inside, the chances are they will have already decided that they like the outside.  If they enquire form the board they are happy with the outside/the area/the neighbouring properties/the road noise etc. People seeing your house for sale on a busier road with a board will view, they won't be put off by the road as they already have accepted it#s on a busier road.

9. Not wanting the neighbours to know you are on the market is not a reason to have a board. Neighbours soon find out when they see people looking at your property from the outside holding property particulars.

10. When you bought your home, did you call the agent from the board? Many do, if you did, your next buyer will probably do the same.

Boards definitely work in selling a property quicker and getting a better price but it is always up to you, the owner whether you want a board or not. If you want the maximum level of enquiries, viewings and offers then make sure you have a board.