>Be careful of faceless cal...

Over the most recent 12 months there seems to have been an unstoppable uprising of 'Call centre / online-only' estate agents. Each jostles for attention within an increasingly crowded market with promises of 'big' savings. But are these 'Call Centre' style estate agents really saving consumers money? In this blog article we take a look at this key question and explain why, when you're dealing with a faceless 'Call Centre' estate agency, it pays to be careful.

Let's begin with what should be every estate agent's focus: Location, location, location

They say that selling a property is often more about location than it may be about the property itself. Parents will research schools, commuters will research infrastructure and everyone will consider local amenities and which area boasts the best reputation.

Whether you're buying or selling it seriously pays to be talking with an estate agent who knows the local area (and its pros and cons) inside out – and as all too many consumers find nationwide, online-only estate agents simply don't cut the mustard.

Think that the shop window is an old school marketing tool? Think again.

The well-placed estate agency shop window upon the busy high street is an essential marketing tool that many sellers overlook. After all the majority of savvy buyers will be researching any potential area that they're considering moving to, and key to this is checking out the local high street.

Faceless estate agents are exactly that – faceless

Lacking face to face contact can be a real drawback to any online company. No one-to-one meetings, no cups of tea and certainly no sit down chats within a cosy office. Of course this also goes for the potential pool of buyers that sellers may be overlooking if they opt for an online estate agency.

A sometimes sorry reputation that proceeds them

Whilst there has been many an online-only estate agency cashing in on what seems to be the least trend of trading via internet and phone alone, it seems that some such companies already have a (pretty poor) reputation that proceeds them. Add to this an apparent blanket approach to having little in the way of service levels and such services can serve only to frustrate and to drain your bank balance.

Are you happy to do your own viewings?

Letting strangers in your home or a single lady showing a strange man around – Not ideal is it. We always do the viewing and vet everyone when we book an appointment.

Paying after completion incentivises your agent

Call centre agents are paid whether they sell or not – what incentive is that? Maybe that's why many of their sales fall through. There are so many people who have to pay twice the call centre agent for trying to sell it then the traditional agent for actually selling it – false economy. (Buy cheap buy twice!) At Cooper Adams last year on average we got 99% of asking prices. Call centre agents only get around 95% that could mean on a £300,000 house you'd be around £8,000 worse off selling with a call centre agent plus doing you own viewings. Still think it's a cost saving exercise?

And finally… At Cooper Adams, we are as good as our word

We have a solid reputation that goes before us. We know our local and national markets inside out and back to front – from school's latest Ofsted report to the average journey times from and to local towns and cities. We also appreciate the need for superstar customer service that is far from faceless.

So if you want to deal with tried, tested and trusted professionals who are anything but faceless, then talk to us today. After all, why would you entrust the sale of your bricks and mortar property to a company who exists only within the online world?

Want to know how we get the best prices for our sellers – Call Cooper Adams now.