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I’m a local girl having lived in this area all my life.

My mother was from Normandy in France and my father used to work in English vineyards as a qualified viticulturist.

From the ages of 10-17 years-old, my sister and I worked alongside him after school and at the weekends, so I can prune vines and even learned to drive a tractor before I ever had a car.

Before joining the team at Cooper Adams, I worked in customer service roles and I’d say that meeting, chatting and helping people comes naturally to me.

And it’s the fact that being an estate agent allows me to meet and help plenty of people which really fires me up about the job.

I like to think I always give 100 per cent in whatever I do and feel lucky to be able to help people find their dream home.

I’m driven, hard-working, honest and friendly and being employed by a company like Cooper Adams suits me perfectly.

It’s a family business which treats people the right way and Shaun leads from the front by always going the extra mile for clients. It’s very different from other companies I’ve worked for as it genuinely does feel like a family unit.

If I hadn’t ended up working in the estate agent industry I would have loved to work with animals.

Although I was once chased around by a territorial cat who didn’t like me going into a garden while on a viewing.

Scarlett’s Property Tip: Declutter. I know it’s a very common one tip but it’s so true. Space sells and having too much stuff on show makes your property look smaller and puts a lot of people off.