30 point checklist

30 point checklist

30 steps to get you sold

Anyone can sell a property, a good agent's job is to always achieve the highest price in a short time.

At Cooper Adams we have systems and processes to make sure we do get the highest price. This starts with the valuation appraisal but then carries on throughout the process.

It's the process not the promise of a price that gets the best buyer.

We are not looking for the first offer but the best offer. We need to out market all your competition and present your property in the best light to the biggest audience. Sometimes the best buyer may be found in different places rather than just online portals. We are continually tweaking and improving our procedures and service to always benefit our sellers and landlords.

Our processes work, we continually outperform our competitors on achieved prices, time to exchange of contracts, fewer fall throughs which equal happier clients with less stress and more money in their pocket at the end.

Please read on to see some of the many things we do at the start of our market preparations.

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