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How to present your garden when selling your home

how to present your garden when selling your home

Selling your house is about first impressions. If the first impression isn’t good, you rarely get to make a second. When people look around a house they are looking at the potential of the property – the rooms, the space, the garden. But not every house hunter is an expert in ‘what could be’. It’s important to help their imagination along by presenting your property in the right way. One sometimes overlooked aspect of preparing houses for sale is the garden.

Yes, most people look for space in a garden, although more is not always ‘more’ for everybody. It’s vital to present what you do have in the right way, however. A lot of house buying goes on in the warmer months, a time when lawns and vegetation grow quickly, so it’s good to keep on top of these things.

The key is to look smart and colourful without looking too high maintenance. It wants to be inviting, but maybe not too impressive, as not everyone is a keen gardener, and an impressive garden can look like a lot to take on. Containers are good, they tend to say ‘low maintenance.’

The front of the property is the most important to keep clean and tidy and simple, as this really is where the first impression happens. Hanging baskets are an inexpensive way to make a good impression. If you have a lawn, do your best to keep it healthy and well-mown while selling your home.

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How ‘Available’ is Your Estate Agent?


One thing the team here at Cooper Adams has in common is that we’ve all bought and sold homes in the past.

This means we have walked a mile in our clients’ shoes and can see our business from their perspective.

We were discussing this in our office this week. One of the biggest frustrations we had with our individual dealings with estate agents was how hard it was to speak with them. Basic stuff, but very important when you’re making what will probably be the biggest purchase/sale of your life.

I remember when I was in the process of buying my first home and leaving messages for the agent to call me but only getting a response two or three days later.

It was one of the things we vowed to do differently when we started Cooper Adams.

That’s why we have 24/365 live webchat on our website as well as an ‘out of hours’ telephone service where if a client wants to contact us after usual office hours they can.

In the age of the internet we could have gone down the route of being a ‘DIY call centre’ estate agency, having a virtual office somewhere and doing the majority of our work over the phone or via email.

But from our own buying and selling experience we all agreed that having offices in prominent local locations would help us deliver even better client service.

We get lots of people popping into our office to discuss how their sale is progressing or to book a valuation. For me that face to face interaction is incredibly important.

When you instruct an agent to work on your behalf you want there to be trust and rapport. We believe the best way to achieve that is by meeting with and talking to people about their needs.

Thanks for reading,

Shaun Adams,

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Top 20 features that sell vendors’ homes


New research has identified homebuyers’ top 20 ‘must-have’ features that would encourage them to purchase a seller’s property.

Gocompare.com has surveyed 2000 people


The study notes that several ‘must-haves’ of the past, including period features, good schools and conservatories, didn’t make the list.


The complete top 20 is:

1. Central heating
2. Double glazing
3. A garden
4. Secure doors and windows
5. Driveway or dedicated parking space
6. Plenty of electrical sockets
7. Local shops and amenities
8. A good, reliable broadband connection strong enough to stream TV and films
9. Friendly neighbours
10. At least two toilets
11. A bath
12. A good energy efficiency rating
13. A new boiler/central heating system
14. A reliable, clear mobile phone signal
15. A shower cubicle
16. A garage
17. Cavity wall insulation
18. A land line telephone
19. A living room big enough for a large, flat screen television
20. A dining room

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Shower power versus bathtub bliss


Imagine a world without baths – it’s easy if you try. (Wasn’t that a John Lennon lyric?)

A footballer being sent off for an early shower doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? (Have you seen the baths in the dressing rooms at Wembley Stadium? Seriously, you could actually swim in them.)

Having a soak in a hot shower doesn’t sound quite as appealing as relaxing in the tub.

However, we’re seeing more and more properties without baths. The most common reason for this is to create extra space.

If you have a big bathroom and a capable builder often, with a bit of creativity, you can turn the space into two rooms – a bathroom and box/study room – by installing a shower and removing the bath.

Having a bath is often seen as a luxury in our increasingly hectic lifestyles. Does having one or not affect a property’s value? Not really.

Some people will insist on having a bath especially if they have young children but a lot of our buyers don’t seem to have a strong preference.

For me, having a bath after a long, busy day is fantastic. Now where did I leave the bath salts?

Thanks for reading,

Shaun Adams,

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Angmering office

East Preston’s no.1 estate agent is opening in Angmering village.

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We are delighted to announce that today we have started preparations on our new branch in Angmering village located in the old Holmes & Co office in The Square.

We are refurbishing the office and looking for new staff members to offer the best property service in the village.

If you know someone thinking of selling or letting their home in Angmering, Clapham, Patching, Poling  and surrounding areas we would love to help.

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