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Hazelmead, East Preston – Success Story

Hazelmead Drive East Preston for sale bungalow (1)Cooper Adams Success Stories – The biggest reason to use us (as well as our wonderful low stress service) is that we achieve higher selling prices. We achieve on average 3.1% more than our largest competitor.

% of asking price achieved: 100%

Sold Price: £325,000 (The FULL asking price)

Number of offers: 2

Days until first offer: 1

Number of viewings: 17

Address: Hazelmead, East Preston BN16 1LB

Property type: A two bedroom semi detached bungalow

Owners’ reaction: Really thankful for our help and very pleased to be moving close to family


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Conveyancing flow chart


the conveyancing process

Selling or buying a property?

The conveyancing process (conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien. )

What happens?


Thanks for reading.

Shaun Adams,

Want to get a SOLD or LET sign outside your property quicker? Call Cooper Adams and our team on 01903 770055 or email: property@cooper-adams.com for honest, expert and friendly ad

Carol Ritchie

Weʼre raising money to Help Carol Ritchie – a lady selling refreshments at Angmering station, but struggling to pay bills due to continual train strikes.

Raising money to help Carol Ritchie – (Story from The Worthing Herald)

Image result for carol ritchie angmering station

A grandmother who runs a railway station buffet fears she might lose her house due to the rail strikes. Carol Ritchie is the owner of Ritchie’s Buffet in Angmering railway station. Carol Ritchie from Rustington runs Ritchie’s Buffet in Angmering Railway Station The 57-year-old started the business in June 2006. Serving snacks and hot and cold drinks, the idea of Ritchie’s Buffet is to hark back to the buffet cars that used to be found on trains. The logo is Carol’s signature in a love heart – which she said reflects how she has ‘put her heart into the business’. But since the rail strikes started last April, Carol has lost so many customers that she had to cut staff hours and now she cannot afford to pay herself. She fears she will not be able to pay the mortgage on her home in Winchester Road, Rustington, and that she might lose her business. Carol Ritchie Everyone worries about the commuters, but not the small businesses. They think we are invincible and we will be here forever – but I might not be here next week “It’s my baby. I’m a workaholic and without that, I’ve got nothing. It’s my life. I love my customers, and they love me; we’ve got a rapport going. I don’t want to lose my house that I have worked so hard for. It is my children’s inheritance and they will have nothing.” To cut her living costs, Carol has had to cancel her monthly charity donations and the £10 a month she gave to her six grandchildren. She said she lives off tinned food to reduce her shopping bill, and could not afford to buy Christmas presents last year: “It was awful. Can you imagine how it felt after years of being a proper grandma: spoiling them with presents, having them around. This year I didn’t invite anyone around for dinner, I couldn’t afford it.”

We are collecting money for Carol Ritchie at Cooper Adams, if you wish to donate

if you wish to make a donation please drop an envelope into our office or online – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/CarolRitchie


Don’t be haunted by ghost gazumping


Over the years estate agents have received a lot of criticism for unscrupulous practices.

Whenever I read or hear a story about a ‘dodgy’ estate agent my heart genuinely sinks.

The damage these rogue agents do to the industry’s reputation is appalling and makes it much harder for the vast majority of honest, hard working and professional agents  to win the public’s trust.

One sharp practice is ghost gazumping. It’s when a seller agrees a price with a buyer then a few weeks later raises the price saying they’ve received an offer from another very interested party.

When this higher offer comes in just before completion the prospective buyer is faced with coming up with thousands of pounds more or suffering the agony of losing their ideal home.

That kind of practice is bad enough but often the last minute mystery bidder doesn’t even exist. Some unscrupulous agents are involved in this web of deceit and it sickens me.

If you ever come across this practice please report it to The Property Ombudsman.

At Cooper Adams I can hand on heart promise you we never, ever get involved in these kinds of immoral and dishonest practices.

I remember reading about an example of ghost gazumping in 2008.

A seller, who was a property developer, had agreed a price on a refurbished home with a young family. It was their dream place and they couldn’t wait to move in.

Then the seller took advice from his agent suggesting he could up the price as the property market had risen since their offer.

The seller agreed and said someone had come in with an offer of £10,000 more (no one had) and that he needed them to beat this offer. No doubt he and the agent were banking on the family’s desire for this home.

To cut a long story short the family, as heartbroken as they were, couldn’t raise the extra money and out of principle pulled out of the deal.

Now for the bit that makes me believe in property karma. Just two weeks after the buyers pulled out the credit crash hit wreaking havoc in the housing market. Almost overnight the market dried up like the Sahara.

The greedy seller in question was left with a property he couldn’t sell. Prices in his area tumbled as buyers simply wouldn’t or couldn’t make offers.

With a desperate bank banging down his door calling in the loan he had taken out on the property he was left with no option but to sell for a very low price simply to cut his losses.

In the end he lost more than £150,000 simply by trying to wring out an extra £10,000 from a young family. Good I hear you cry and I agree.

The unscrupulous agent also missed out on the commission and tarnished their reputation (and unfortunately the industry’s).

At Cooper Adams we always act with integrity and advise honestly so you won’t have to fear ghosts or prices that go and jump in the night.

Thanks for reading.

Shaun Adams,

Want to get a SOLD or LET sign outside your property quicker? Call Cooper Adams and our team on 01903 770055or email: property@cooper-adams.com for honest, expert and friendly advice.

Gloucester Place, Littlehampton – Letting Success Story

Cooper Adams Letting Success Stories – The biggest reason to use us (as well as our wonderful low stress service) is that we find great tenants.

% of letting price achieved: 100 %

Let Price: £1,000 pcm

Days to find a tenant: 10

Highest rent achieved in the street!

Address: Gloucester Place, Littlehampton BN17 7AF

Property type: A three bedroom mid terraced house

Owners’ reaction:  Over the moon!


Looking to rent, let buy or sell in Littlehampton? Just contact us to help.

Our motto is always – Happy Tenants are Good Tenants



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