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Heritage Place, Broadmark Lane, Rustington – Success Story



% of asking price achieved: 99 %

Sold Price: £542,000

Number of viewings: 27

Number of offers: 2

Address: Heritage Place, Broadmark Lane, Rustington BN16 2GY

Property type: A two bedroom penthouse apartment

Owners’ reaction: Very happy


Quick Sale

Is a quick sale the best idea?


quick-saleRacing to put a new property on the market, sell it to the first offer may seem like a good idea, but let’s consider the downsides.

At Cooper Adams we’re not your normal agent we consider every single way how we can get the best price and from the best person.

Some agent wack it on the internet straight away before even the brochure is finished, maybe with draft photos and only half finished. You may get an instant enquiry who views and offers 95 per cent of the asking price on the spot.

If this happens, what will you do next? Advise the owner to accept or wait?

We like to be 100% ready before we commence marketing. A buyer needs to say WOW! If it’s not perfect and they skip past, next time they see it they will know they’ve already discounted it and will not return.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


We do not rush, we want all prospective buyers to be able to see it, giving them all a fair chance. This way the seller will know that their property was properly exposed to the whole market.

The more buyers that see it the more a seller can pick and choose the best buyer and best offer. Not all buyers use the internet so don’t use an agent who relies just on this.

Some buyers may not be even looking, they may be thinking of moving soon but not started looking yet. That might be the buyer who makes the best offer. If they aren’t looking on portals we need to find them. It could be they walk past our window, maybe see our board. They may be flicking through the local paper or one of our adverts pops up on another website. (We advertise on ebay, local news sites actually anywhere that has a link to google) We also let all the surrounding neighbours know when a new one is coming to market – they may have a family member wanting to move. We still advertise in local papers, (other agents don’t) – again we cannot miss out on anyone.

When we get lots of viewings we don’t like to rush into accepting an offer – we advise the buyers after the first week or two of viewings we will look at best offers in writing. This is the standard way that properties are sold in the many other countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

This process is transparent, fair to all parties and ensures that the property sells for the best price and that the vendor is reassured that a better price could not have been achieved.

These are just some of the reasons we continually out perform all other agents who just stick the property onto the portals, arrange one viewing and accept the first offer that comes in.

If you want the best price for your property come and talk to us – you’ll soon see why we excel.

Call centre estate agents

call centre agent


Are call centre agents great value or a false economy?

I say ‘call centre’ because they can’t use the term online agent as all agents advertise ‘online’.

You pay up front – do they really care if they sell or not? What incentive have they got to find you a buyer?

How far away is their local expert based? 20 / 50 miles?

What local evidence and comparables were you shown to arrive at your accurate valuation?

Do they know the shortcut to the shops or beach and bus services to tell any potential buyers?

Surely it’s just a case of sticking some photos online and getting a sale isn’t it?

These are questions going through people’s minds when thinking of selling their home.

Some buyers prefer to deal with a good local agent they can pop in and see, you don’t want to lose that buyer do you.

Let me explain why you will end up with more money in your pocket and loads less stress using Cooper Adams than any other agent and especially call centre agents.

The first reason is stress and effort. We take care of everything for you including doing all the viewings.

Are you happy to do your own viewings?

Letting strangers in your home or a single lady showing a strange man around – Not ideal is it. Especially if you lead a busy life you come home from work and they cancel last minute and no one lets you know.

We always do the viewing and vet everyone when we book an appointment.  

The next main reason is the amount of viewings, offers and best offers. We have a big list of people wanting to buy your home – they have registered with us in your price range. Yes many look online but many come in to our office, look in our window and also see all our local advertising. Some of them have looked at similar properties but discounted yours online because they didn’t like the main photo. As we talk to our buyers every day we persuade them to view. Some of them are surprised and go on to buy. We have so many ways other than the internet to get properties in front of potential buyers this will always net in more viewings and more offers.

More offers means choosing the best offer.

At our last audit a property locally sold for 94.5% with a call centre agent – it took six months to sell. Six months of the owner doing viewings and keep the house immaculate every day.

Our average is over 99% of the asking price with much faster sales, where we do all the viewings and you don’t pay one penny unless we get an amazing offer.

The difference between the offers we get compared to the 94.5% is 4.5%. For a £400,000 house that’s £18,000!

Yes the call centre’s initial fee is lower but if you look what’s left in your pocket if they sell it you will be worse off. We are so confident of getting you a much higher price with much less stress and a faster time we are prepared to give you back the call centre agent’s fee when your sale completes with us.

We don’t just beat call centre agents, we also beat our local competitors

Every year we look at every single property sold, we look at the sale price ratio compared to the asking price. At the last audit we achieved in excess of 99% compared to our competitors achieving 96%. At a £400,000 house this mean we get £12,000 more!

And finally… At Cooper Adams, we are as good as our word

We have a solid reputation that goes before us. We know our local and national markets inside out and back to front – from school’s latest Ofsted report to the average journey times from and to local towns and cities. We also appreciate the need for superstar customer service that is far from faceless.

So if you want to deal with tried, tested and trusted professionals who are anything but faceless, then talk to us today. After all, why would you entrust the sale of your bricks and mortar property to a company who exists only within the online world?

Want to know how we get the best prices for our sellers – Call Cooper Adams now: 01903 770055

How to light up your home to sell it

how to light up your home to sell it

You’ve done the decorating, the decluttering and the gardening, you’re just about ready to sell your home. But wait! Have you thought about the lighting?

“Yes, I have lights,” you might say. “Check.” But lighting your rooms can be about more than just a bright bulb and an attractive lamp shade. Think of your home as a photograph. We’ve all seen the results of bad lighting in a picture. The graininess, the things you can’t quite make out, or that horrible, washed-out look.

Firstly, lighting is not all about light bulbs. Probably the majority of your viewings will happen during the day, so it’s about making the best of the natural light first. Open up the blinds, tie back those heavy drapes, let the light in.

Then there’s lamps. Another way to think of your home might be like a film set. Yes, lamps can help brighten up a dark corner, but it can be used in subtler ways to bring out different atmospheres in different rooms. Think about the colour of your light bulbs. I’m not talking red, green, blue necessarily, but think about whether you want a warmer or cooler kind of glow.

Also consider your fittings. Are they there because they were the bulk standard that the DIY store had at the time? (There’s no shame in it, it’s okay.) How do they sit within the whole scheme of the room?

And lastly, don’t forget exterior lighting. At the front, particularly, this can add to that important first impression, but also at the back, some inexpensive solar lights, or little LEDs in the decking, can really add something.

If you know someone thinking of a move and you think would benefit from our selling & letting tips please forward this on to them. Also download our FREE eBook at www.cooper-adams.com/freebook

For your own personal advice on any aspects of selling or letting please us. We do free valuations for all, even if you’re not ready to sell for a few years it’s good to be up to date with your biggest tax free asset. Please contact the Cooper Adams team on 01903 770055 to book a valuation specialist to pop round and take advantage of our expert free advice.


North Lane, East Preston – Success Story

Cooper Adams FREE elevated photgraphy rb web


% of asking price achieved: 99 %

Sold Price: £395,000

Number of viewings: 14

Number of offers: 1

Address: North Lane, East Preston BN16 1HB

Property type: A three bedroom detached house

Owners’ reaction: Extremely happy


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