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Claridge House, Church Street, Littlehampton – Success Story


Claridge House Church Street (1)

% of asking price achieved: 100 %

Sold Price: £160,000 (Full asking price)

Number of viewings: 5

Number of offers: 1

Address: Claridge House, Church Street, Littlehampton

Property type: A one bedroom retirement apartment

Owners reaction: Very happy

South Strand, East Preston – Success Story

South Strand East Preston


% of asking price achieved: 100 %

Sold Price: £525,000

Number of viewings: 22

Number of offers: 2

Address: Hazelmead Drive, East Preston BN16 1PN

Property type: A period cottage with access to the beach

Owners’ reaction: Absolutely delighted


Most desirable property features

Most desirable property features

We’re passionate about properties and always looking to keep on top of what people want. What we expect from our homes is changing. New property developments, in particular, reflect that. The idea of a separate lounge, kitchen and dining room are becoming a thing of the past, with open, flowing designs often prevalent. Yes, sometimes this is to make the most out of a limited plot, but it is also showing a more integrated, free-form attitude to the way we live at home.

So, it’s often preferable to incorporate the kitchen, dining space and the lounge all into one larger, open space. If there is another nearby ‘spare’ room, this can be smaller and could be the ‘home office’. The rise of the internet (sounds like a dystopian Arnold Schwarzenegger movie) has led to a lot more people working from home, so a dedicated space in which to do so is seen as having real value.

The master bedroom still has real emphasis, and the inclusion of an en-suite is important. That fourth bedroom, still hard to find in older areas of housing, can put a disproportionate value on a property. Central heating and air conditioning, along with energy efficiency, are big factors, and there is also a certain level of technical outfitting that is expected in modern properties, with everything wired-in.

Finally, we’re still finding outside space as important as ever. But it’s not just enough to have it, people want to walk into something already usable. Patios, decking… it’s about having somewhere ready-made to spend time outside.

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Russells Close, East Preston – Success Story

Russells Close (9)


% of asking price achieved: 99 %

Sold Price: £328,000

Number of viewings: 28

Number of offers: 1

Address: Russells Close, East Preston

Property type: A three bedroom semi-detached bungalow

Owners reaction: Very happy

Some agents deliberately over value

Why do they do this?

Simply because…

a) They are inexperienced and do not know how to value properties.

b) They feel they will win your business easily and after a few weeks of marketing try and chip the price down every week until it reaches the price a proper agent valued it at. – What a waste of your time!

This means it will take much longer to sell. Buyers will wonder what’s wrong with it and be put offvalue. It will have lost its initial impact and look stale.

Some people say get three valuations but you may be tempted to pick the middle one or the highest one.

Always ask for comparable evidence how the agent arrived at their price and why. Is the agent confident? Do you like and trust them? Are they recommended by West Sussex Trading Standards? Have they taken into account portal pricing when suggesting an asking price? If you don’t know what that is ask the agent to explain it to you.

In doubt? Ask us to pop round and give your property a full appraisal – don’t use a lazy agent who cannot negotiate for you, use a local expert preferably from a small firm where the business owner can help you.

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