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The Cooper Adams Monthly Residential Housing Market Report BN16 Market Review April/May 2012

May saw a decrease in fresh buyers in the market for the second month running. This could be down to several reasons, from negative press reports regarding employment to growing concern over the Eurozone debt or simply the heavy rainfall. Locally, asking prices have risen by 9% but nationally they have remained fairly static.

Sales have stayed buoyant in this area, with a 200% increase since May 2011. This is, in part, being fuelled by the amount of properties on the market continuing to reduce – it’s down 7% this month.

One factor that has come apparent is how the worrying economy is influencing homeowners’ decisions when deciding to move. The elderly with financial burdens and low savings returns, or the need for less space, are looking to trade down by selling. On the other side of the coin, families that would previously have been looking to trade up are also looking at reducing costs and debts by downsizing.

This has made the market unbalanced, with just one in four house hunters nationally looking to move up. It’s a trend broken only by theLondonmarket, which shows a vaster amount of affluent homeowners.

As we are rapidly approaching the half year, and with sporting events featuring highly in the next couple of months, it will be interesting to see if this has any effect over the summer.

The full report can be found at http://www.cooper-adams.com/monthly-market-report.html

June Gardening Tips

1. Time Saving Tip: House plants will need less watering if they are set outside for the summer, bringing them back inside in early September.

2. Money Saving Tip: Before drenching pot plants with nematodes for vine weevil control set them outside in the garden. The run off will offer some control in the area under the pots.

3. Open all the greenhouse ventilators during the day to help control the temperature. In the evening lower them leaving some movement of air. Large fluctuations in temperature is not good for plants.

4. This is the time when rhubarb tends to flower. The enormous spike of creamy-white flowers depletes the plant’s energy. Cut the stalk off at ground level before it opens.

5. Prune brooms after they have flowered cutting back to within 2 inches of the older wood. If left unpruned the plant will become straggly.

6. Dead head rhododendrons when they have finished flowering. Carefully remove the dead flower without damaging the new shoots forming to either side. These will become next year’s flowers.

7. Crab apples have set their crop and the small fruit will drop off if there is a shortage of water this month. Water if necessary.

8. Lift and divide bearded iris when flowering is finished. When replanting keep the fleshy root at the soil surface.

9. Grow extra basil in pots to attract any white fly in the greenhouse. When well covered with the pest remove and dump the plant. They prefer basil to tomatoes.

10. Check the compost heap and if it is dry, damp over with water to speed up the composting process.

11. Propagate lavender and hebe. Take 2-3 inch long softwood cuttings. Remove the lower leaves and cut the base below a leaf joint. Remove the tip of the shoot. Dip in hormone rooting powder and place the cuttings around the edge of a pot of gritty compost. Water and cover with clear polythene. The cuttings should root in 4-6 weeks.

12. By the middle of the month it will be time to feed bedding annuals.

Courtesy of http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/gardenerscorner/calendar-june.shtml

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