double glazed window freeimagesNew regulations apply to replacement windows and doors installed since 1st April 2002.

Basically, all replacement windows, roof lights, roof windows and glazed doors (more than 50% glass) will have to comply with the FENSA Regulation/new Building Regulations.

Either a FENSA Certificate or Building Regulation Approval/Completion Certificate should be available.

If you are buying, you need to ask the seller whether there are any such replacements. If so, do they have a FENSA Certificate/Building Regulation Approval? Whatever the answer their answer, tell your conveyancing solicitor, as this document is now required by law. The solicitor can ensure that it is available and that you will get the original Certificate on completion. If it is not available, then remedies such as indemnity insurance or retrospective building regulation approval can be obtained.

If you’re selling a property and you‘ve recently had replacements made, then find the Certificate, because the buyer’s solicitor is bound to ask for it. If you had a FENSA Certificate and you’ve lost it, a replacement can be obtained from the FENSA website at a cost of £10.00. Obtaining this sooner rather than later will avoid delays in exchange of contracts. If you didn’t get a FENSA Certificate or Building Regulation Approval, then you need to make sure that you tell your conveyancing solicitor. As indicated above, it is usually possible for you to either pay for an insurance policy to cover the buyer or to contact the Council for retrospective building regulation approval. If you use the latter option though, be aware that if retrospective approval is reused, you cannot then get insurance , because the insurance company will consider the Council as being notified of the breach and therefore likely to take enforcement action against you.

You can find more information from the building Control Department of your local Council or by visiting